SIDS Program Manual Trainer's Guide SIDS & Infant Death Program Manual and Trainer's Guide

Appendix F


Beach Ball Toss

Time: 5 to 10 minutes

Materials: Beach ball, Nerf ball or Koosh ball

  • Instruct participants to form a circle.
  • Explain that you will throw the ball to someone within the circle. When that person catches the ball, he or she should mention a key message or concept heard during a previous session.
  • Once he or she has made a statement, he or she should toss the ball to another person within the circle.
  • Ask participants not to toss the ball to the person on their immediate left or right.
  • Suggest that participants should step out of the circle once they have participated.
  • Continue tossing the ball until all participants have had an opportunity to participate.

Note: If this is the first session for the training program, you can ask the person to tell you what he or she expects to learn.