SIDS Program Manual Trainer's Guide SIDS & Infant Death Program Manual and Trainer's Guide

Appendix F



Time: Allow one minute per person.

Materials: None

  • State the purpose of the exercise and ask each person to say his or her name followed by the answer to one of the following questions:
    • What is one thing you’d do if you were given $100,000 with no strings attached?
    • What is one thing you’d like to change about the world?
    • Describe a strong feeling you’ve had in the past week and a reason for that feeling.
    • What is one thing you’d like to get from the training?
  • Post the questions on a flip chart paper or overhead so that participants can focus on the discussion and not on remembering the question.

Finish This Sentence

Time: Allow one to two minutes per participant.

Materials: None

  • Go around the room and have each person say his or her name and complete one of the following sentences:
    • I am in this class because...
    • The best job I ever had was...
    • The riskiest thing I ever did was...

Truth or Lie

Time: Allow two to three minutes per participant.

Materials: Index cards and pens

  • Pass out index cards.
  • Tell participants to write three statements about themselves. One must be true and the other two must be untrue. The more outrageous all three statements are, the better. Encourage participants to think of odd information about themselves that no one would be able to know if it were true or false.
  • Have either the participant or a group leader read the card.
  • After all three statements have been read, have the group vote on which statement they believe to be true.
  • Have the participant read the truthful statement.