SIDS Program Manual Trainer's Guide SIDS & Infant Death Program Manual and Trainer's Guide

Appendix B

Training Method #1: Presentation/Lecture/Panel Discussions

A presentation or lecture can convey information, theories or principles quickly and easily.
Some examples specific to SIDS and other infant death risk reduction might be reviewing
the facts about SIDS and other infant death risk reduction methods. Presentations can
range from straight lecture to some involvement from the participants through questions
and discussion. Presentations depend on the trainer for content more than any other
training technique does.


  • Introduces participants to a new
  • Conveys facts or statistics.
  • Provides an overview or a
  • Addresses a large group.


  • Covers a lot of material in a short
  • Provides context for more practical
    or hands-on training techniques.
  • Works with large groups.
  • Gives lecturer or presenter more
    control than in other training


  • Emphasizes one-way
  • Requires that participants take
    passive role in their learning.
  • Is not appropriate for changing
    behavior or for learning skills.
  • Is not experiential in approach.
  • Requires that lecturer possess
    skills as an effective presenter.
  • Limits participant retention unless
    it is followed up with a more
    practical technique.