SIDS Program Manual Trainer's Guide SIDS & Infant Death Program Manual and Trainer's Guide

Appendix B

Training Method #7: Creative Work


  1. Introduce the creative activity to participants. Discuss how the activity ties into the topics being covered. Provide participants the permission to take risks, be creative and not feel that they have to strive for perfection. Sometimes, asking people to remember what they were like in the fifth grade will help them to be less inhibited and let go of their inner critic.
  2. Assure participants that these activities are not intended to be judged on artistic merit but rather to stimulate new ways of thinking about the topic. Review the materials that are available to complete the creative activity, such as clay, markers, magazines, scissors or glue. Tell participants how long they will have to work on their creations. Explain that you will give them a 10-minute warning before they have to finish their work.
  3. Provide the allotted time for participants to create. Circulate around the room to see how participants are doing. Give the 10-minute warning. Bring everyone back together for a larger-group discussion. Discuss the ground rules for the discussion:
    • Participants should support each other.
    • Comments made about another person’s creation should relate to how the creation makes them feel.
    • Comments should not be evaluative or judgmental.
  4. Invite individuals to share their creations and how they are related to the topic. Ask participants to discuss both:
    • The process of creating
    • The meaning behind their work
  5. Summarize the discussion. Affirm participants’ work and ability to be creative.

Example: You might ask a group of public health nurses to draw a home visit scenario in which they visited a home and found that the infant had recently died. Each person would share his or her drawing with the group and talk about the images that were selected, the meaning behind them and how they relate to their role in supporting the bereaved family. Then they would talk about how it felt to create the drawing.