SIDS Program Manual Trainer's Guide SIDS & Infant Death Program Manual and Trainer's Guide

Training Media

Overview of Types of Training Media

Flip Charts

A flip chart pad can provide flexibility for developing and modifying simple sketches, diagrams and statements during the course of a presentation.

Color is extremely important. Green, blue and brown should be used primarily for words. Avoid visuals that are one color. Use red, orange or yellow for highlighting only. If you have five- or six-line visuals, use colors to separate them or to group them.

When using flip charts, remember:

  • Maintain your flow of speech while you write.
  • Avoid talking to the flip chart.
  • Stand to the side when writing on a flip chart pad.
  • Write large and neatly.
  • Draw a faint outline of a diagram or model in pencil before the presentation to provide guidelines for the marker or chalk.
  • Limit the number of words to avoid busy and distracting pages.
  • If you prefer, have a co-trainer or participant write while you facilitate group discussion.