SIDS Program Manual Trainer's Guide SIDS & Infant Death Program Manual and Trainer's Guide


Planning the Training: Two to Three Weeks Prior


  • Confirm training with all registered participants through e-mail.
  • Review your materials and your plan.
  • If possible, visit the site where your training will take place. Note any potential problems or needs and develop strategies for resolving them.
    • If you cannot visit the site yourself, call someone at the site and ask questions about the space. Make sure you have adequate outlets and extension cords for any equipment you will use.
  • Make sure that the room and your presentation will be accessible to any participants with disabilities.
  • Gather any special equipment you?ll need for the presentation, such as marking pens, flip charts, a microphone, an overhead projector, blank transparencies, extra bulbs, extension cords, name tags and masking tape.
  • Organize your PowerPoint presentation or overheads by customizing the presentation for the specific audience.
  • Review your content, rehearse and get feedback on your presentation.
  • Prepare participant packets/folders including PowerPoint handouts and other materials.
  • Prepare the sign-in sheet, pre- and post-tests and evaluation forms.
  • Prepare certificates of completion detailing continuing education units.