SIDS Program Manual Trainer's Guide SIDS & Infant Death Program Manual and Trainer's Guide


Rehearsing the Training

Consider videotaping your rehearsal and then review the videotape for distracting mannerisms and other signs of nervousness. Remember that the best cure for nervousness is confidence, and confidence comes with practice.

If possible, rehearse multiple times, trying out new ideas and new techniques for delivering the material. Choose the techniques that you are most comfortable with.

Rehearse the timing of your presentation to be sure that it falls within your time limits. Be sure to allow time for questions if appropriate. Practice your presentation in front of a small audience or a colleague and ask for feedback on the content and style of your presentation.

Things to consider:

  • Is your message clear?
  • Does your evidence support your key points?
  • Are your graphics and illustrations clear, appealing and relevant to the topic?
  • Are you within your allotted time frame?