SIDS Program Manual Trainer's Guide SIDS & Infant Death Program Manual and Trainer's Guide


Setting Goals and Learning Objectives

Learning Objective Bank

The following bank of objectives has been developed as a sample using the seven types of objectives.

At the end of this training, each participant should be able to:

Fact Objectives

Define Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

List the actions that first responders should take at the scene of a suspected SIDS death.

Describe key information collection and documentation for suspected SIDS cases.

Understanding/ Comprehension Objectives

Describe important risk factors for SIDS.

Discuss SIDS/stillbirth statistics and bereavement resources nationally and locally.

Explain how to better handle the emergency in case an infant death occurs, including death scene investigation.

Identify common responses of a family to death of an infant or child.

Application Objectives

Demonstrate ability to talk to children about infant death.

Demonstrate ability to talk to families who have experienced a sudden and unexpected infant death/stillbirth/miscarriage.

Analysis Objectives

Describe how to distinguish SIDS from child abuse.

Describe how to distinguish between SIDS death and stillbirth grief and mourning processes for families.

Synthesis Objectives

Summarize the stillbirth protocols in their hospital and registrar procedure.

Plan a community-wide SIDS risk reduction awareness campaign.

Summarize the responses of his/her particular community in the event of an infant death.

Know what to expect from the other children in child care after an infant death.

Attitudinal Objectives

Demonstrate a commitment to sleep safety of infants by agreeing to develop a sleep safety policy for their child care center.

Demonstrate a commitment to assisting families who have experienced a stillbirth.

Skill Objectives

Demonstrate how to more effectively comfort grieving families.

Demonstrate ability to help himself/herself and others cope with SIDS and other infant deaths.

Demonstrate knowledge of the needs of stillbirth families.