SIDS Program Manual Trainer's Guide SIDS & Infant Death Program Manual and Trainer's Guide


Setting Goals and Learning Objectives

To develop an effective training plan that achieves the goal and objectives of the educational session—to make changes in knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills—a number of key questions must be answered. Some of these questions will be addressed in the needs assessment. The answers to these questions will affect the content, format and logistics of the training.


Goals are broad, general statements of what a trainer hopes to accomplish as a result of the training. For example:

Increased new parents' and grandparents' awareness of the importance of sleep safety measures.

Attainment of training goals and objectives is one important aspect of the evaluation. Not all objectives are easily measured, but most can be evaluated using standard evaluation tools or other creative strategies.

Completing the following statements may assist you in customizing the goals and learning objectives for a particular audience:

  • The goal for my training is____.
  • The changes I want to see as a result of my training are____.
  • Increase in knowledge of____.
  • Newly acquired skills of____.
  • Changes in attitudes toward____.
  • Increase in proficiency of existing skills of____.
  • Based on the above, the most appropriate objectives for my training are____.