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Foundation Grants

Foundation Grants

Grants from foundations can provide a large source of revenue for nonprofit organizations. The best place to begin researching potential foundation matches is through the Internet. There are several great resources that you can tap including the Foundation Center, Fundsnet and the National Council of Nonprofit Associations (NCNA). The NCNA most likely can guide you to an association of nonprofit organizations, including foundations, in your State. Many State associations also maintain extensive libraries with information on funding sources.

The key to securing foundation dollars is to find a foundation whose philanthropic goals match your organization's mission. Foundation boards generally establish very tight restrictions on the kinds of programs they fund and more importantly, on those they do not fund.

After you have found a match, be sure to follow closely the foundation's application process. This includes the kind of information they request through their application and grant submission process, as well as their desired format. Often, the omission of just one piece of information may disqualify your proposal for funding review.