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Fundraising & Development

Corporate Contributions

Making the Ask

Once you have determined the appropriate corporate prospects for your organization, the next step is actually asking for sponsorship. Try to keep these things in mind when soliciting their support:

  • Whenever possible, use your connections. Even contacting a friend of a friend is better than making a cold call.
  • Talk to the most senior-level person at the business (Area Manager, Regional Manager, etc.).
  • Offer them different ways to sponsor your organization:
  • Develop different sponsorship levels and name them (Silver, Gold and Platinum, etc).
  • Determine different dollar amounts and benefits for each level.
  • Offer opportunities to sponsor key programs such as special events, public education campaigns, etc.
  • Do not forget to make your request a personal one. The company will want to know that its money will make a difference.
  • If someone at a company has been extremely helpful to you, capitalize on it. Do not feel that you are asking too much if he or she can provide great networking opportunities. This person could turn into a champion of your efforts year after year.

Saying Thank You

Once again, be sure that you say thank you early and often. Donors never tire of hearing that their contributions have made a difference. Send a thank-you letter upon receipt of the sponsorship check, include mention of the contribution (with a photo, if possible) in your newsletter or quarterly update, have one of your board members make a special thank you call or include the company’s logo on printed materials such as brochures and fact sheets.