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Fundraising & Development

Corporate Contributions

One misconception in fundraising is that securing sponsorship from a large company in your community is next to impossible. People are often intimidated by the corporate world and they ultimately sell themselves, and their organizations, short. Many large companies have policies to support local giving.

How a Company Benefits

Keep in mind that corporate sponsorships provide an opportunity for companies to portray themselves as civic-minded within their respective communities. Your organization's mission could be the perfect way for companies to do this. In addition, remember that companies also sponsor nonprofit organizations because they are seeking:

  • Publicity. The publicity that your organization can generate for its sponsors is probably the most valued benefit of sponsorship.
  • A Positive Image. Supporting your organization can create a positive image for a company's employees, colleagues and customers.

What a Company Wants

While each company is different, most companies ask the same key questions:

  • Does the organization’s mission match the company’s philanthropic goals?
  • Can they trust the nonprofit partner will address the sponsorship responsibly and professionally?
  • Who else provides support to the nonprofit?
  • Is there an opportunity for employee involvement in the sponsorship?
  • Is the organization well run, both fiscally and in terms of its management?