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Public Relations & the Media

Awareness Months

Awareness Months

Awareness months are great times to get press coverage. September is Baby Safety Month and October is SIDS Awareness Month as well as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. October 1 is Child Health Day. Awareness months are also great times for fundraising. For more information on fundraising, see Chapter 9: Fundraising & Development.

Public Service Announcements

Public service advertising is commonly defined as “advertising that serves the public interest.” The majority of PSAs run as a community service at no charge by the media. The objectives of these ads are education and awareness of significant social issues in an effort to change the public’s attitudes and behaviors and stimulate positive social change. PSAs encompass all ads running in donated ad time and space and some PSAs running in purchased time and space. Some nonprofit organizations and government agencies, such as the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the CDC, have begun purchasing media time and space for some of their PSAs, in addition to relying on donated media, in order to have more control over placement and scheduling.5