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Public Relations & the Media



The goal and purpose for training spokespeople to work with the media is to provide individuals with clear, concise messages for public consumption. Interviews are done in various media outlets with the most popular being radio, television and print. Communicating the organization’s message in a manner that is professional, informative and credible is a critical element for successful media encounters.

Here are some things to think about before you set up a media interview:

  • What message do you want your spokesperson to convey?
  • Is the spokesperson you have chosen the most appropriate person to convey your message?
  • What is the most effective media outlet for your information?
  • Have you identified a specific targeted audience for your message?
  • Is your message appropriate for your audience?
  • Is your message informative, compelling, newsworthy, timely, accurate or interesting?
  • What message do you want your spokesperson to give to the public?
    • SIDS risk reduction measures
    • Bereavement resources
    • New research findings
    • SIDS and child care information
    • SIDS and grandparents information

Prepare your spokesperson for the interview by providing him with the most up-to-date, evidence-based information and help him anticipate questions that are relevant to his expertise or experience. Below is a list of topics you may suggest your spokesperson discuss.