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The Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Children's Health Protection

The EPA established the Office of Children’s Health Protection (OCHP) in May 1997 to make the protection of children’s health a fundamental goal of public health and environmental protection in the United States. OCHP supports and facilitates agency efforts to protect children’s health from environmental threats.

Public involvement is key to protecting human health and the environment. Citizens and communities need to have information and tools that enable them to take steps toward protecting their children from environmental health threats. Organizations, industry and government entities at all levels also need information to help them take child-protective actions. Providing basic information is a key focus of OCHP.

OCHP efforts to build community capacity in children’s environmental health protection include:

  • Providing information and tools to the public.
  • Supporting community actions to protect children.
  • Increasing the ability of health care providers to identify, prevent and reduce environmental health threats to children.
  • Engaging youth in children’s environmental health protection.
  • Working with States to develop programs to address children’s environmental health issues.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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Office of Children?s Health Protection
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