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Partnerships & Collaborations

The Four Federally-Funded SIDS Programs

The National SIDS & Infant Death Project Infant Mortality Policy and Communication Tools (Project IMPACT)

The National SIDS & Infant Death Project IMPACT is administered by ASIP. Project IMPACT supports State and local infant death programs through sharing information, promoting policy and legislative changes, building upon resources and fostering partnerships and communication. Project IMPACT is a cooperative agreement between

MCHB and ASIP designed to enhance communication among State and local programs and between these programs and Federal and State policy-makers.

Project IMPACT disseminates SUID/SIDS-related information to State, local and program officials, communicates policies and positions of the government and professional associations to service providers, researchers and others and creates opportunities for collaboration among Federal, State and local organizations to facilitate responses to existing and emerging SUID/SIDS issues with a strong commitment to the development, improvement and maintenance of State and local SUID/SIDS programs.


  • Oversees a listserv with a special focus on SIDS and other infant death. The listserv features updates on research, program development, policy and legislative issues, conferences and funding opportunities and provides a forum for sharing successful outreach and education strategies.
  • Staff attend national conferences to provide outreach to professionals and the public.

Data: Conducts survey of State SUID/SIDS programs to assess needs and service capacities.

Membership: See ASIP membership information.

National SUID/SIDS Project IMPACT
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