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Partnerships & Collaborations

The Four Federally-Funded SIDS Programs

The National Center for Cultural Competence (NCCC) SUID/SIDS Project

The National Center for Cultural Competence (NCCC) SUID/SIDS Project is administered by Georgetown University. The NCCC SUID/SIDS Project is designed to increase the capacity of SUID/SIDS programs to plan, implement and evaluate culturally- and linguistically-competent service delivery systems as a multifaceted approach to addressing the disparities in infant mortality outcomes. The project provides training, technical assistance and consultation and promotes networking and information exchange.


Responds to requests for information and technical assistance via a toll-free number (800-788-2066) and e-mail (

Contributes information about cultural and linguistic competence to existing newsletters, publications or Web sites broadly disseminated to or accessed by SUID/SIDS programs.

Hosts a series of topical conference calls on topics related to cultural and linguistic competence for SUID/SIDS programs.

Web site has a Spanish language portal specifically for families. The portal provides information, resources and links in Spanish. Translated NCCC products are also available on the Spanish language portal.

Maintains a pool of consultants who are skilled providers of training, technical assistance or consultation related to cultural and linguistic competence in a broad range of health, mental health, education and human service arenas. The NCCC acts as a broker attempting to match consultation needs with appropriate consultants. Specific details related to the consultation (e.g., fees and logistics) are negotiated directly with the consultant. The NCCC does not incur costs for these consultations.

Participates in planning and presenting at national conferences for constituencies concerned with SUID/SIDS.

Provides capacity-building targeted technical assistance to regional and State SUID/SIDS programs.

Data: Maintains a database of a wide range of resources on cultural and linguistic competence (e.g., demographic information, policies, practices, articles, books, research initiatives and findings, curricula, multimedia materials and Web sites, etc.). A selected searchable bibliography of these resources is made available online. Each database entry includes information on the type of resource, category, population(s) addressed, title, author and description. Descriptions are written by NCCC faculty and staff. When available, source and contact information are provided. Most of the resources are copyrighted. It is the responsibility of each user to acknowledge and gain permission for use.

Publications: Produces and disseminates publications and other materials to support organizations in providing culturally- and linguistically-competent services to families affected by SUID/SIDS. Ordering information is provided on the Web site. Some publications are available to download on the Web site and are available in hard copy. All publications are free. Permission is granted to reproduce these documents for distribution for noncommercial purposes. The requirements are that the documents may not be altered and that proper credit is given to the authors and the NCCC.

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