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Partnerships & Collaborations

The Four Federally-Funded SIDS Programs

The National SIDS and Infant Death Resource Center (NSIDRC)

NSIDRC is administered by Circle Solutions. The center provides information, services and technical assistance on SIDS and related topics. Its goal is to promote understanding of SIDS and provide comfort to those affected by SIDS through information-sharing. The NSIDRC collaborates with NSIDPSC, NCCC and the National SIDS & Infant Death Project IMPACT. All of the programs work together to provide educational materials, resources, technical assistance, publications and services for bereavement support and risk reduction as well as to help to improve services to underserved populations.


  • A toll-free hotline, 800-638-2772, provides resources, technical assistance and referrals to public health and other professionals, SIDS families and the general public.
  • Publishes a quarterly newsletter, Information Exchange.
  • Staff attends national conferences to provide outreach to professionals and the public.
  • Maintains the list of State SUID/SIDS contacts.

Data: Maintains a comprehensive bibliographic database that provides abstracts and citations obtained from a myriad of professional health journals.

Publications: Produces and provides professional and consumer educational materials on such topic areas as SIDS risk reduction, current research and trends, grief and bereavement, ethnic disparities and infant mortality statistics. Publications are limited to five free copies unless otherwise noted. All publications are free of copyright. Many publications are available for download. Some publications are available in Spanish.

National SIDS and Infant Death Resource Center