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Partnerships & Collaborations

The Four Federally-Funded SIDS Programs

The SUID/SIDS Program of the Infant and Child Health Branch of the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, funds four national resource centers that address SUID/SIDS issues.

The National SIDS and Infant Death Program Support Center (NSIDPSC)

NSIDPSC is administered by First Candle/SIDS Alliance and has been in operation since 1998. The NSIDPSC supports SUID/SIDS programs at the local, State, regional and national levels to develop community-based services for bereavement support and risk reduction. The center also assists in improving services to underserved populations including certain racial and ethnic minorities, rural populations and migrant groups.


  • A toll-free hotline, 800-221-7437, which provides risk reduction education and bereavement support and referrals during normal work hours.
  • A 24-hour crisis hotline for both English and Spanish speakers.
  • Participates in First Candle’s English/Spanish Web site, international conferences and newsletter.
  • Staff attends conferences to provide outreach to professionals and the public.
  • Provides train-the-trainer style training to medical staff, child care providers, first responders, police, funeral directors and others.
  • Provides technical assistance to callers about bereavement and SIDS risk reduction.

Data: Staff provide technical assistance in interpreting SIDS and perinatal death research and statistics.

Membership: See First Candle membership information.

Publications: Produces and provides health care professional and family educational materials on SIDS risk reduction, current research and trends and grief and bereavement. All publications are free and available on the center’s Web site or in hard copy form. As all publications are in the public domain, materials can be tailored to local organizations with proper attribution. All publications are available in Spanish as well.

National SIDS and Infant Death Program Support Center
1314 Bedford Avenue, Suite 210
Baltimore, MD 21208
800-221-7437 (SIDS)
410-653-8709 (fax)