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Fetal, Infant and Child Mortality Review Programs

Center for Child Death Review (CDR)

The Center for Child Death Review is a national resource center for State and local CDR programs, funded by MCHB. It promotes, supports and enhances child death review methodology and activities at the State, community and national levels. It builds public and private partnerships to incorporate CDR findings into efforts that improve child health. Building on the extensive knowledge of current CDR programs, the center actively involves States in the development of center services.

CDR is mandated or enabled by law in 45 States. States implemented CDR systems to more accurately track and determine the cause of child deaths and to help prevent future deaths from occurring. The child death review process is a team of people from multiple disciplines who come together and share what they know about the circumstances of a child’s death and decide what they should do to prevent other children from dying the same way. The team conducts a social autopsy of all the factors leading up to the child deaths including environmental, social, economic, health and behavioral.

While no standardized criterion for programs exists, most programs have reporting and surveillance systems in place to collect information from local reviews and publish reports. The CDR programs have resulted in recommendations related to SIDS.2

Communication Vehicles: Newsletter and Web site

Publications: Numerous publications addressing legislation, investigation and team meeting protocols, training curricula, reporting software, guides to effective reviews, coordinator tools, prevention resources, expert consultants and sample forms. Many of these resources are available on the Web site.

Data: Extensive data on child fatality statistics

Membership: Web site contains links to all CDR programs in the United States.


  • The development of standardized CDR protocols and materials by Action Teams whose members include State coordinators, key community CDR contacts and national leaders.
  • The development of a national Internet-based report tool and system.
  • Technical assistance, tools and support to teams, including the establishment of a national network of experts.
  • A national meeting of CDR coordinators.
  • Linkages with other mortality and morbidity reviews, including fetal and infant mortality, maternal mortality and domestic violence reviews, to identify potential areas for integration and/or coordination.
  • Collaboration with State Title V Programs to integrate the CDR process with State maternal and child health programs and to utilize CDR findings in Title V Assessments.
  • Promotion of the CDR process to national public and private organizations, including policy makers, Federal agencies, foundations, national support resources and member organizations.

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