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Research & Statistics

Obtaining Data

State Maternal and Child Health Directors

State Maternal and Child Health Directors Web site includes contact information for all Federal State MCHB directors and Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) directors. Many SIDS and infant deathand health-related programs are managed through MCHB block grants.

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS), is a surveillance and research program managed by the CDC and State health departments. PRAMS collects State-specific, population-based data on maternal attitudes and experiences before, during and shortly after pregnancy.

The goal of the PRAMS project is to improve the health of mothers and infants by reducing adverse outcomes such as LBW, infant mortality and morbidity and maternal morbidity. PRAMS provides State-specific data for planning and assessing health programs and for describing maternal experiences that may contribute to maternal and infant health.

Not all States participate in PRAMS. Currently, 31 States and New York City participate in PRAMS. Four other States previously participated in PRAMS. Even States that are no longer participating in PRAMS are still releasing reports from previously-collected data.

State and Community Fetal Infant Death Review Programs

Established in 1990, National Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Program (NFIMR) is a collaborative effort of MCHB and ACOG. NFIMR is a resource center that provides information and advice about implementing the fetal and infant mortality review method. Topics include confidentiality, liability, data collection, home interview techniques, coalition building, implementing recommendations, coordinating with other local mortality reviews and using local FIMR information for regional/State assessment and planning. Referrals to expert consultants are also available.