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Risk Reduction Considerations for Infant/Child Deaths Occurring in Hospitals

As most of these types of deaths cannot be directly prevented, prevention education messages must be broader health messages. There are four major areas of health education prevention messages.

  1. General preconceptual care messages would be to plan for a healthy baby prior to a pregnancy. Preconceptual care messages can be targeted to at-risk mothers and mothers who had poor outcomes from previous pregnancy, because they are at higher risk for subsequent poor outcomes.
  2. General prenatal care messages would include information on:

    • Why to seek prenatal care early
    • How to find free or affordable care
    • How to eat a nutritious diet
    • Why not to smoke or use alcohol or drugs
  3. Testing and screening information

    • Prenatal testing such as Amniocentesis, Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) and other types of tests
    • Newborn screening tests
  4. Specific risk reduction measures

    • BTS campaign
    • Stop smoking campaigns
    • Folic acid campaigns
    • Multiple birth education risks