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Program Expansion

Risk Reduction Expansion Considerations for Sudden, Unexpected Infant/Child Deaths

Risk Reduction Expansion Considerations

SUI/CD can be from accidents and previously undiagnosed illnesses or defects. The educational messages that may be considered due to accidents and unintentional injuries include car seat safety, safe sleep environment (including bedsharing, bedding and safe cribs), child safety (including at home, at the grandparents' and in child care settings), water safety, gun safety and fire and poisoning prevention.

The educational messages that may be considered for deaths due to unexpected infections/illnesses, such as pneumonia, influenza, asthma and measles, include how to recognize when an illness requires emergency care, when families should use emergency rooms and the importance of immunizations.

Programs have various options for the level of involvement in any child safety and illness prevention education campaigns. If there are existing coalitions operating in your area, you can join an existing coalition. It is important to determine your level of commitment. For example, consider whether your staff will agree to distribute the coalition’s literature at activities, be trained as presenters, help sponsor a campaign or work information into existing SIDS presentations.

If no coalition exists, you can consider serving as a local member to a national or regional effort, inviting others to join in coordinating a campaign, distributing literature or including education in other presentations. Programs may also decide to initiate a comprehensive campaign alone for one or more of the educational messages above. This requires the most significant commitment of resources.