SIDS Program Manual SIDS & Infant Death Program Manual and Trainer's Guide Trainer's Guide

Program Expansion

Steps to Program Expansion

Step 6: Internally review organizational and community assets and resources:

  • What additional services or resources can your organization offer with little or no additional staff?
  • What additional services or resources can other organizations offer with little or no additional staff?
  • Determine whether there are enough additional resources available for expansion.

Step 7: Determine organizational priorities:

  • Rank identified expansion criteria based on organizational priorities and community input.
  • Identify barriers and develop a plan to address them.
  • Set target implementation date.

Step 8: Examine finances. New service areas provide both financial opportunities and challenges.


  • New funding opportunities may open from health departments and others. The March of Dimes may be a new funding source for some programs.
  • New families can mean more volunteers and a broader financial base.
  • Possible joint ventures may be possible with new partners as well as new possibilities for special events.


  • There may be competition for local funds.
  • Families may financially support other charities while receiving services from your organization.
  • Stakeholders may not buy into the expansion and may reduce their financial support.