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Community Groups

Community Groups

Risk Reduction Education

To reduce SUID/SIDS rates further, health professionals must sustain and expand the BTS campaign, address racial disparities, address soft bedding and bedsharing, aggressively address educational messaging about SIDS and smoking, provide guidance to parents on possibly-protective factors such as pacifiers and breastfeeding and address diagnostic shift and issues surrounding coding causes of death.

There are numerous community groups that would benefit from a SUID/SIDS risk reduction presentation. Please refer to Chapter 7: Partnerships and Collaborations for a listing of some community and civic organizations.

Bereavement Sensitivity Training for the Community

Bereavement, grief and loss are difficult topics for communities to cope with, and even more so if infants and children are involved. This presentation can be appropriately presented for faith-based organizations, funeral directors, racial/ethnic groups, community centers and nonprofit organizations to raise awareness of the unique impact a SUDI poses for the entire community as well as the family. It can serve as a powerful motivator to the risk reduction message.