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Trainer's Guide

Newborn Nursery Personnel

Bereavement Sensitivity Training for Newborn Nursery Personnel

How professionals interact with families has a direct impact on bereaved parents’ feelings of support and comfort.11 Today, nurses are one of the key health professionals to play an important role with families when an infant dies.

In hospitals and clinic settings, nurses provide bereavement support to families when a SIDS death or fetal loss occurs. Hospital nurses provide crisis support to families often within moments of an infant’s death because most SIDS infants are transported directly to emergency rooms. Obstetrical nurses support families when a stillbirth or neonatal death occurs.

This presentation is useful for the emergency department, labor and delivery, newborn nursery nurses and NICU staff. It will provide hospital staff with greater understanding when dealing with families who have experienced the death of an infant. Often, pastoral care or a social worker will be called in to assist the family, but it will be nurses that will be caring for the families initially. Therefore, they need to be prepared appropriately.