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Child Care Trainers and Providers

Risk Reduction Training for Child Care Providers

The Web site of the National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care (NRC) provides each State’s licensing requirements. The resource center’s Web site also offers a publication of national standards on reducing the risk of SIDS, based on National Caring for Our Children National Health Safety Guidelines, second edition. The information is geared toward assisting States in drafting licensing requirements to reduce SIDS rates.

To have the most impact and most effectively use time, energy and resources, staff should ideally target trainings to child care trainers. Many child care centers have designated trainers who train center staff on a variety of topics. Home-based center providers, kin care providers and more informal child care providers might be members of local or regional associations which have trainers that provide continuing education and contact hours at specific meetings and dates. Training the trainers will increase the capacity of the message and curtail the SUID/SIDS programs’ workload. The other option is to directly train child care providers.

Bereavement Sensitivity Training for Child Care Providers

As previously discussed, the number of infants who die in child care settings has grown with the increase in the use of child care providers, child care centers and informal child care providers (grandparents, extended family, unlicensed child care providers). Therefore, it is important to provide skill development training in the area of bereavement information to these providers.