SIDS Program Manual SIDS & Infant Death Program Manual and Trainer's Guide Trainer's Guide


Critical Program Function: To help ensure the capacity and competency of the personnel involved in SIDS risk reduction and bereavement services.



Training for professionals and the community is a key component of educational outreach efforts for SUID/SIDS programs to undertake within their communities. Programs often provide information and training to health and human service professionals—such as first responders, child care providers, nurses and physicians—to raise the level of awareness of SUIDs in the community and to improve overall services to families.

HRSA/MCHB recognized this need and provided funding for a comprehensive SUID/SIDS training guide which includes specific PowerPoint presentations by subject matter for targeted professionals, including child care providers, public health nurses, newborn nursery nurses, EMS providers and first responders focusing on skill-enhancements trainings. NSIDPSC will be working closely with HRSA/MCHB to review and update the information as needed.