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Bereavement Support Services

Culturally-Competent Support Services

Culturally-Competent Support Services

Provision of Culturally- and Linguistically-Appropriate Bereavement Support

Program staff must be able to address the bereavement needs of a diverse population. To meet the needs of underserved populations in receiving culturally-appropriate bereavement support, programs should:

  • Work with representative community organizations to prepare and disseminatematerials.
  • Provide leadership and resources for recruitment and retention of persons of color.
  • Provide training on cultural competency and health problems associated with particular ethnic groups.
  • Ensure translation of materials and services into other languages.
  • Support local ethnic group support providers such as funeral homes and faith institutions.

Funeral homes are a major provider of bereavement support in many underserved communities. Funeral directors have an important role in providing an early positive outlet for grief, knowledge of existing local resources to assist a family in making arrangements, planning the funeral services and assistance to the parents in their return to work.14