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Bereavement Support Services

Community-Based Bereavement Services

Community-Based Bereavement Services

Today, the level and type of support provided to SIDS families varies greatly nationwide depending on a State’s SIDS service history, existing legislation, State funding, advocacy efforts, partnerships and health care facilities. While all States receive Title V funding, which can be used to support SUID/SIDS services, there is enormous variation between State program models in providing bereavement support.

There are three general models:

  1. Program staff directly provide services using public health nursing or social workers at the local or State level. (For example, Tennessee and Mississippi)
  2. States use sub-contracts to one or more community-based organizations, health centers or academic institutions to provide bereavement support. The State programs’ role then becomes to administer and oversee the grant or contracts.
  3. Programs also provide leadership for the development of resources to maintain or expand service provision. (For example, Georgia and California) Programs collaborate with other health organizations such as Healthy Start or FIMR that incorporate bereavement support into their existing services. (For example, Florida and Kansas)

Typical family support services provided or funded include:

  • Hotlines
  • Information and referrals
  • Bereavement packets
  • Home visits
  • Peer support
  • Web sites
  • Bereavement support for professionals