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Native Americans

In the 2000 census reports, 2.5 million Americans identified themselves as Native American/Alaska Native, and 4 million identified themselves as part Native American/ Alaska Native.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs currently provides Federal services to approximately 1.5 million Native Americans and Alaska Natives who are members of more than 562 Federally-recognized tribes and Alaska villages in 32 contiguous States and in Alaska. The bureau administers 45.6 million acres of tribally-owned land, 10 million acres of individually-owned land and 309,189 acres of Federally-owned land, which is held in trust status.

Approximately 50 percent of these tribes are located in Alaska.29 The majority of Native Americans/Alaska Natives live in urban areas while only one-third live in reservations.

Native Americans/Alaska Natives are very culturally distinctive, diverse and complex and growing more than three times as rapidly as Whites. Given their distinct languages and small population groupings, it is almost impossible to generalize across all Native Americans/Alaska Natives.

When addressing Native American communities, it is important to note that some groups prefer the term “Native American” while others prefer "American Indian." Use the term that the group your program is working with uses.