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SUID/SIDS Prevention


Several organizations currently offer subscriptions to their electronic mailing lists, or "listserv." Electronic mailing lists are free to join and provide a forum for discussion about the latest issues surrounding SIDS and Infant Death and related topics. The Resource Center encourages any users interested in subscribing to contact these organizations directly.

MCHB SIDS and Infant Death Listserv

The State-to-State SIDS and Infant Death Listserv is moderated by the National SIDS and Infant Death Project IMPACT. Current participants include over 500 public health and policymakers in the field of SIDS and infant mortality at the Federal, State, and local level. The listserv provides information, resources, and discussion on a variety of topics including safe sleep environment, death scene investigation, diagnosis of SIDS, and resources for child care provider training.

Visit the SIDS and Infant Death Listserv at Near the bottom of the screen, you can subscribe to "st-to-st-sids-id-news." By pressing the Subscribe button, you can also visit the listserv"s archives or send a message to the list. To view the most recent postings, select "st-to-st-sids-id-news Archives" and then the current month. For assistance, send an email to, or call 1-800-930-7437.

National Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Program

NFIMR provides information about implementing the fetal and infant mortality review method. NFIMR is a collaborative effort between the federal Maternal Child Health Bureau and ACOG.

To join the listserv, send an e-mail message to: In the body of your message, type: subscribe nfimr


The SIDS-Network offers two separate listservs for discussion, one on SIDS related issues and another on Pregnancy and Infant Loss.

For information on how to join, please go to or directly to

MCH Alert

MCH Alert is a free weekly electronic newsletter that provides timely reference to research, findings, policy developments, recently released publications, new programs, and initiatives affecting the maternal and child health (MCH) community.

To subscribe to MCH Alert, send an e-mail message to with subscribe in the subject line. You do not need to enter any text in the body of your message; just click send. This e-mail message will be sent to MCH Alert, and you will be automatically subscribed. You will receive confirmation that the subscription is being processed. You will receive your first issue of the MCH Alert within 1 week after you sent the message.

National Center on Child Fatality Review

The National Center on Child Fatality Review maintains two listservs, the NCFR-L and the Child-Fatal-L. There are several hundred members currently participating in our listservs, representing the many, many professions associated with Child Fatality Review.

For more information or to subscribe, go to:


In this biweekly newsletter by the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs, you will find the latest news for family health professionals in columns like Best Practices, Ask an Expert, and Funding. Pulse also features upcoming conferences and AMCHP activities. The full version of AMCHP Pulse is a members-only benefit. An abridged version is available to non-members.

For more information or to subscribe, go to:

Bereaved Moms Remember

Christian support group for mothers who have lost babies shortly after birth (from minutes to six months). To join, please send an e-mail to You will need to send a letter of introduction about yourself and your loss(es). Check

Children's Safety Network listserv

As a leader in state or local child death review teams you are invited to join the Children's Safety Network listserv. The "CSN Discuss" listserv offers maternal and child health (MCH) and other public health professionals committed to preventing injuries among the MCH population free biweekly updates on research, events, and resources related to injury prevention. It also offers subscribers the opportunity to post questions, share ideas, and strategies to assist in implementing child death review recommendations. The listserv is used exclusively for sharing and your e-mail address will not be shared with others. If you would like to join this growing resource contact Heidi Smith at or 617-618-2722.

CSN staff is conveniently located at the Michigan Public Health Institute site of the Michigan Child Death Review Program and the National Center for the Review and Prevention of Child Deaths to support your injury and violence prevention questions and/or direct you to resources for implementing prevention recommendations.

The mission of CSN is to reduce injuries and violence among children and adolescent by strengthening the infrastructure for injury and violence prevention within state health departments, with special emphasis on maternal and child health. For more information visit