Summaries From Past Roundtables

May 17, 2001 Roundtable #33–Findings from the Puerto Rican Maternal and Infant Health Study

February 1, 2001 Roundtable #32–Antenatal Formula Distribution: Effect on Breastfeeding

November 9, 2000 Roundtable #31–Early Cortisol Replacement to Prevent Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia: Pilot Study

September 14, 2000 Roundtable #30–Adverse Effect of Cow's Milk in Infants

July 6, 2000 Roundtable #29–Evaluation of Hawaiiís Healthy Start Program

April 4, 2000 Roundtable #28–Welfare Reform and the Perinatal Health of Immigrants: Preliminary Results

January 27, 2000 Special Research Presentation African American Mothers, Their Babies and Their Babies' Fathers

September 9, 2000 Roundtable #27–Developent of Methods to Monitor Perinatal Outcomes discussion summary (published in MCH Research to Practice, June 2000)

July 16, 1999 Roundtable #26–Neonatal "Sepsis Work-up": Population Study discussion summary

June 10, 1999 Roundtable #25–Emergency Department Screening for UTI in Febrile Children discussion summary

May 20, 1999 Roundtable #24–Intergenerational Factors in Birth Outcome discussion summary

March 5, 1999 Roundtable #23–The Early Intervention Collaborative Study discussion summary

January 14, 1999 Roundtable #22–Maternal Factors Determining Birthweight discussion summary

September 24, 1998 Roundtable #21– Infants after Divorce: Overnight Visitation and Family Relationships discussion summary

June 30, 1998 Roundtable #20–Impact of Maternal Lead Stores on Fetal Lead Exposure study overview

January 28, 1998 Roundtable #19–Free-b and hCG in Screening for Down Syndrome study overview

November 5, 1997 Roundtable #18–Infant Temperament: Stability/Change in Rural Appalachia study overview

September 23, 1997 Roundtable #17–Evaluation of the Guidelines for Maternal Transport discussion summary

July 16, 1997 Roundtable #16–Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury in Children discussion summary

May 2, 1997 Roundtable #15–A Telephone Educational Intervention for Rural Children with Asthma discussion summary

March 21, 1997 Roundtable #14–Predicting Teenage Pregnancy discussion summary

February 26, 1997 Roundtable #13–Otitis Media in Children, and Later Language and Learning discussion summary

December 13, 1996 Roundtable #12–Body Composition in Pregnant Women discussion summary

April 17, 1996 Roundtable #11–Effects at Age Five of an Intervention Program for Low?Birthweight Premature Infants discussion summary

October 18, 1995 Roundtable #10–Early Cortisol Deficiency and Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia discussion summary

June 27, 1995 Roundtable #9–Psychosocial Sequelae of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, and Very Low Birthweight discussion summary

May 26, 1995 Special Research Presentation Low Birthweight and Infant Mortality in Puerto Rico discussion summary

January 6, 1995 Roundtable #8–Reducing the Nation's Pediatric Intensive Care Mortality discussion summary

April 29, 1994 Roundtable #7–Practice Variation in California's Comprehensive Perinatal Service Program discussion summary

January 27, 1994 Roundtable #6–Adolescent Mothering and Preschool Behavior Problems discussion summary

December 2, 1993 Roundtable #5–Early Intervention: A Study of Child Development and Family Adaptation discussion summary

June 24, 1993 Roundtable #4–Simultaneous Screening for Hearing, Speech, and Language discussion summary

Undated Roundtable #3–The Health and Nutritional Status of U.S. Hispanic Children summary

March 12, 1993 Roundable #2–Smoking Cessation and Relapse Prevention in Low-Income Mothers announcement

December 9, 1992 Roundtable #1–Periconceptional Vitamin Use and Neural Tube Defects abstract