MCH Projects


NCEMCH ProjectsA History of Service to the MCH Community

For over 35 years NCEMCH has served as a launching platform and incubator of national, state, and local projects to advance the knowledge and skills the MCH workforce. NCEMCH puts knowledge about MCH issues to practical use for federal, state, and community public health professionals, policymakers, and the public.

These projects have established a distinguished record of accomplishment, having earned over 25 awards for outstanding contributions to the health-promotion and disease-prevention field, including the HRSA Administrator’s Special Citation for Rochelle Mayer, the MCHB Young Leadership Award for John Richards, HRSA’s Special Performance Recognition Award for Jolene Bertness, the MCHB Director’s Award (for development of TVIS), APEX Awards for Excellence (MCH Navigator, NCEMCH, OHRC, and Bright Futures), World Wide Web Health Merit Awards from the Health Information Resource Center (NCEMCH), and a Yahoo! Best Site Award (HSNRC). In addition, NCEMCH website earned the UsableNet Seal of Approval for exceeding Section 508 of ADA requirements and has been featured as a model accessibility site.

NCEMCH has maintained a productive relationship with MCHB and other funding agencies and has founded and operated numerous national centers and data projects, including:

Current Projects

Sister Projects at Georgetown University

Past Projects

  • The Healthy Start National Resource Center (HSNRC)
  • The National Action Plan to Promote Safe Sleep (NAPPSS)
  • The National SUID/SIDS Resource Center
  • The National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care
  • The Bright Futures Initiative
  • The Title V Information System (TVIS)
  • The Children’s Safety Network (CSN)