MCH Evidence



The Strengthen the Evidence for MCH Programs project is a newly-funded, consortium-based approach of nationally-recognized MCH leadership organizations that will provide expert consultation, technical assistance (TA), and resources to assist state Title V MCH Block Grant programs in developing evidence based-/informed State Action Plans and strategies that advance National Performance Measures (NPMs) and, in turn, facilitate the implementation of the Title V MCH Block Grant. This work will build upon NCEMCH's MCH Library and MCH Navigator and foundational work conducted during the past three years by the Johns Hopkins Women's and Children's Health Policy Center.

Key to this approach is aligning the project with strong national systems currently in place, thus maximizing the impact of federal resources:

  • Provide TA support and resources. The consortium will use a comprehensive, national TA system that is currently in contact with all state Title V MCH programs through the Workforce Development Center. The project will draw on a 30-member Team of Experts comprising research and implementation specialists who have all worked previously with consortium members.
  • Address historical and infrastructure barriers in implementing ESMs and NPMs. All consortium partner staff have participated in state block grant reviews and have witnessed barriers over-extended state offices face. The consortium will bring a practice-based research support system on how to identify, apply, and measure evidence-based/informed programs.
  • Implement effective learning programs and provide a comprehensive knowledge base. The consortium will draw on the MCH Navigator, the Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s (MCHB’s) flagship online learning platform, which is maintained by NCEMCH and supported with distance learning material provided by CityMatCH and the Workforce Development Center. The MCH Navigator will provide effective learning materials to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to integrate implementation science into state Title V programs. NCEMCH is also the original developer of the MCH Library and maintains a comprehensive digital knowledge base (over 50,000 resources, including state Title V documents not available elsewhere) to address performance measure topics in a broader context for MCH program development and effective evidence-based decision making.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!