Communicating About Food in a Diverse World
Communicating About Food in a Diverse World

6.1 Overview

PracticeModule 6 uses Bright Futures as a framework to implement delivery of culturally and linguistically competent nutrition education and counseling to families and their children within the context of their culture and community.

The Bright Futures concept embraces a global view of health — one that includes not only prevention of morbidity and mortality, but also the achievement of a child’s full potential. It recognizes that the capacity for healthy child development is as important as the treatment and prevention of illness or injury. 

Bright Futures acknowledges that the strengths and resources of the child, family, and community are essential to promoting healthy growth and development.

This module will:

  • Review the Core Concepts of Bright Futures.
  • Explain how Bright Futures integrates nutrition supervision into the larger health-supervision picture.
  • Outline key nutrition issues and concerns that present themselves at health supervision visits.
  • Offer suggested interview questions to address these issues and concerns.
  • Provide real-world case studies that show the strategies highlighted by this curriculum in action.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  

— The World Health Organization (WHO)