Module 7: Putting It All Together to Make a Difference

7.2 The Plan

Now that you have heard the conversation, take a look at the plan Mrs. Gordon has created for herself (an image of the plan is presented below; you can download the filled out plan and the plan template from the Handouts page).

Is there anything else you might have suggested she add? Of course this plan is a living document, and as she learns more and makes more decisions about sleeping and feeding her baby, she will update it. Also, as she shares it with others—health care providers, family, other service providers, etc., she may make changes. But, she has some concrete ideas of how to take the recommendations and make them work for her and her family in their life circumstances.

Other families may have different, more or more complex circumstances, and their plans may reflect that. No family should have to start figuring this all out when they first get home with a new baby, and we need to provide them with the support and opportunity to be informed and prepared.

This plan shows an example of a completed plan. To download an accessible version, please see the handouts page in module 6.