Knowledge Base and MCH Digital Library

For over 30 years, NCEMCH has served as a cornerstone of the professional knowledge base in the field. The Center has operated national initiatives such as the National Consortium to Advance Education and Public Policy Development in MCH and the National Education and Information Project and focused projects such as the MCH Navigator and National Action Partnership to Promote Safe Sleep. Through work on projects such as the MCH Library, the Title V Information System, and MCH/Medicaid Coordination, faculty and staff have developed information products on key topics in MCH.

Stay tuned for an updated MCH Digital Library, coming soon!

The following toolkits, resource guides (including knowledge paths), and briefs (family, resource, and evidence) contain recent, high quality materials for staying abreast of new developments and conducting further research. These resources include links to websites, electronic publications, databases, discussion groups, and other materials.

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Title V Toolkits

Toolkits provide access to resources that can be used in a concerted approach to address specific public health issues.

Professional Resource Guides and Briefs

Resource guides (including knowledge paths) and briefs provide access to recent, high quality resources and tools to learn more about the topic, conduct further research, locate trainings, develop programs, and stay abreast of new developments.

Family Resource Briefs

Family Resource Briefs list websites, online directories, and other resources for families and those who support them.

School Resource Briefs

School resouce briefs list websites, online directories, and other resources for developing and evaluating programs and for educating students and their families, teachers, and school staff.