DC Family Policy Seminars

The mission of the The DC Family Policy Seminar (DCFPS) was to provide accurate, relevant, nonpartisan, timely information and policy options concerning issues affecting children and families to the District of Columbia from 1993-2000.

The Policy Seminars focused on the impacts of a wide range of social and economic issues on families. Seminar topics reflected the recommendation of local officials, activists, researchers, and DC FPS fellows. Each seminar included presentations by leading researchers and expert practitioners, followed by a discussion period in which participants share their knowledge and concerns regarding issues specific to the District. Participants included officials and staff members from the Mayor's office, the City Council, other government and nonprofit agencies, and members of the research and advocacy communities.

What is a DCFPS Briefing Report?

From 1993-2000, DCFPS produced 25 briefing reports on a wide variety of issues that affected children and families in the District of Columbia. Each background report summarized the essentials on the topic. It provided an introduction to some of the key components of the issue, discussed federal and local efforts to address the issue, presents policy options, and listed local and national organizations working in the field. The briefing reports ranged from 20-30 pages in length.

What is a DCFPS Highlights paper?

Following each seminar, DCFPS prepared a summary of the panelists' presentations and the question and answer period.

To obtain Briefing Reports or Highlights:

1) View an abstract of individual Briefing Reports.

2) Download a Briefing Report. The publications are saved as .pdf files.