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This online database contains articles from the MCH Alert from March, 2001 to the present.

Search the database by keyword below or use NCEMCH site search for all MCH Alert issues from 1998 to the present.

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Search Tips

Choose the most unusual words, if possible (not health!).

If you are searching for a term that has varied endings, the term may be truncated by typing in the beginning of the word followed by an asterisk. For example, for materials on adolescents, typing adolescen* will retrieve records using both adolescents and adolescence.

To match an exact phrase, enclose it in quotation marks. For example,"special health needs" matches children with special health needs and the special health needs of pregnant women with disabilities but not children with special health care needs or special needs of newborns.

The database search engine is not case sensitive. For example, searches for WIC and wic yield the same records.

You may also search using these special characters:

  • @ matches one arbitrary character (e.g., wom@n matches woman and women)
  • * matches zero or more arbitrary characters (e.g.,*feeding matches feeding disorders and breastfeeding)
  • = forces the words to be an exact match (e.g.,=nutrition matches nutrition and nutrition assessment, but not nutritionists or nutritional requirements)

If a search finds too many records, redo it with additional terms. For example, add a population type (e.g., adolescents) or another subject term.